The PrevaLeaf Promise

Our mission is to create the highest quality products as naturally as possible to help women with their intimate feminine comfort.  If our products do not work for you, you may return the product for a full refund.

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The PrevaLeaf™ Story

PrevaLeaf™ was created with the purpose of providing women natural intimate care products to provide comfort and promote wellness.

PrevaLeaf™ is also dedicated to the purpose of providing women comfort, confidence and control through knowledge to better understand their intimate health and to make informed decisions about what products they put on their bodies.

The PrevaLeaf team is passionate about women’s health, and includes Co-Founder and CEO, Rebecca Posten MD who studied biology at Harvard University before receiving her MD degree at Yale with a focus on women’s gynecologic health. The PrevaLeaf team recognizes that women’s bodies naturally change throughout their lives, as well as from day to day. Many women have concerns - such as dryness, itch/irritation, and feelings of imbalance or lack of freshness – and can be helped by products that are safe, natural and easy to use.

To provide the best possible natural formulations, PrevaLeaf™ partners with leading, internationally recognized formulators with specific expertise in vaginal/feminine products. PrevaLeaf™ has developed products emphasizing natural ingredients which are free of hormones and potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens.  PrevaLeaf products contain healthy ingredients that promote vaginal health and wellness such as topical probiotic technology, vitamin E, aloe and coconut oil.

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